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What Happens When You Have a Snake In Your Car?

One Fayetteville woman had the unfortunate experience of finding out just that. While driving her Chevy Cruze on a few errands, she had a friendly visit from friendly 4-foot-long rat snake. For the love of all that is good and holy, a 4-foot creepy-crawly rat snake, complete with scales and all.

Surprisingly, she lived to tell the tale. No, she didn’t jump from the moving car like so may of us would’ve. This brave soul named Kelly Swisher deserves the highest medal of honor you can bestow upon a hero, because she had the presence of mind to pull over and call 911.

You see, first, the snake made a surprise appearance out from under the dash. Then, as Swisher was finding somewhere to pull over, it dropped down onto the floor and went for a pleasure cruise.

Swisher says,”As soon as it landed on my feet, I felt it. It was rough and scaly. As it slithered across my feet, it was the nails-on-a-chalk-board kind of thing.”

There’s no way — absolutely none — that any sane human being would get back in their car after that experience. I would be finding the closest gas station in walking distance, filling a jerry can with the most flammable gasoline I could find, and torching the car. No two ways about it.

Hats off to Kelly, she pulled herself together. Animal Control came down and relieved her of her scaly friend without further incident.

Rat snakes pose no real threat to humans…except they are snakes. Four-foot-long terrifying snakes.

That’s threat enough for me.

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