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Lamborghini Aventador — Not Your Typical Bonfire

It’s not the ideal place to roast a hot dog or a marshmallow, and I doubt the driver of this Aventador would be calm enough to enjoy a s’mores.

While driving in London, the owner of this powerful Lamborghini Aventador was revving his engine, either showing off to the heavy London traffic or just to feel good about himself. Likely from spitting fire from his exhaust, a small fire began and quickly erupted into an inferno.

London firefighters arrived on the scene to put out the blaze but it doesn’t take a whole lot of heat to make a Lamborghini a total loss.

It’s not the first Lambo to go up in smoke. This bright yellow Lamborghini Aventador did pretty much the same thing with similar results back in 2015.

aventador fire

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