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It’s a Firehawk, not a Firebird! 

The little-known Firehawk is actually a special collaboration by Pontiac and SLP in Quebec, and this is one of only 32 automatics. Just 5088 were built altogether from 1994 through 2001, which puts them in the rare car category.

The 335hp V8 is powerful enough to push the Firehawk to 60mph in just 4.8 seconds. It’s a 13-second car all day long, and that’s bone-stock!

Gary Conway is the car’s owner and he’s quick to point out the unique qualities his car has. from an Auburn diff and Bilstein level 2 suspension, to the cast aluminum diff cover for heat dispersion and rigidity.

His 2001 10th anniversary SLP Firehawk sits pretty in special edition black and gold.

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