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2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Launches Today

Honda is out to defy stereotypes. Any hybrid model – aside from those fancy supercar hybrids like the Porsche 918 – is thought to be comprised of a weak constitution. Simply stated, they’re usually sissy cars. The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid, however, breaks that mold.

The restyled Honda Accord Hybrid is also re-engineered for 2017. What that means is they’ve beefed up the power production. Now with 212 horsepower from the gas-powered engine and two electric motors combined, the Accord Hybrid stands a full arm’s length away from the typical hybrid car like the Prius.

Rated at nearly 50 mpg in highway mileage, city mileage, and combined, the Hybrid is phenomenally efficient. I’ll save you some time finding a comparison – that’s best in class.

According to Honda’s press release today, you’ll start finding the redesigned 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid at dealers across the country starting today. You’ll find three different trim levels – Hybrid, Hybrid EX-L and Hybrid Touring – with an astounding amount of standard equipment, but it’s best just to head to the dealer to check it out.

The Accord has been a best-seller for Honda for the past 35 years so you can count on the Accord Hybrid to embody the same principles that achieved them those awards.

Honda Launches 2017 Accord Hybrid: America's Most Sophisticated, Powerful and Fuel Efficient Midsize Hybrid Sedan (PRNewsFoto/American Honda Motor Co., Inc.)

n (PRNewsFoto/American Honda Motor Co., Inc.)

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