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Lamborghini Huracan Unveiled in Mexico

Mexico City was the backdrop for Lamborghini’s exclusive car unveiling party, complete with hors d’oevres and fancy drinks. Front and center, however, were the newest releases in the Lamborghini Huracan family, the rear-wheel-drive LP580-2 and the all-wheel-drive ragtop LP610-4.

We’ve seen the Huracan before, and Lamborghini didn’t disappoint with these two new creations. The hand-picked crowd gasped at the appropriate moment when the covers were pulled from the cars, but the excitement may have been real! A red light illuminated the red Huracan LP580-2 and it looked mighty fine. The blue all-wheel-drive model stood its own, basking in the attention it received.

The differences – aside from the drop-top – are subtle with the major difference being the all-wheel-drive system. That feature alone creates a price disparity of around $40,000! It could be argued that the two-wheel-drive version might just be a “driver’s car” where slightly more skill is required and road feel is a little more pronounced,

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