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Dubai Police Seize 81 Cars for Street Racing

Folks, if you aren’t aware already, there are very few places in the world where street racing is actually permitted. And no, Dubai isn’t one of them.

Dubai is chock full of supercars and hypercars from Lamborghini and Ferrari to McLaren, Porsche, and Bugatti. When you own a car like that in a city that has such an affluent culture, you think you’re above the law. Naturally you’re going to drive a car like that the way it should be driven – way too fast.

Dubai police had an epidemic on their hands with street racing becoming a dangerous pastime for too many people. They performed a crackdown on street racing where 81 – yes, 81 magnificent cars of all kinds – were seized. The cars were impounded where the owner is verified.

Street racers in Dubai have a habit of removing license plates so identifying the car and its owner is difficult or impossible. When the police seize your car, though, they can take as long as they want trying to identify the owner.

Once they pin down who holds the title for the car, tickets are issued for illegally racing on the street in Dubai. The drivers get a stiff fine of $27,000 (I just spit out my coffee) and the owner of the car gets a fine of $13,600.

The only plus side? If you’re going to get pulled over for speeding, it’s not as bad when the cop cars look like this:

dubai police 2 dubai police

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