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What BMW Has Planned for Next 100 Years is Crazy

BMW, the luxury car brand that seems to be a little soft and bland as of late, has unleashed the fury of their design team on the general public. They must really be butthurt at all the negative criticism they’ve received from their uninspired designs — with the exception of the BMW i8. That car is sexy.

You’re about to witness something disturbing. You’re going to see what BMW thinks their lineup might look like 100 years from now. We’re talking a sleek BMW coupe, a MINI subcompact car, and a Rolls-Royce … something or other.

It’s great to know that the Bimmer design team has grand thoughts about what cars will look like in a few generations from now. What I’d love to see are designs for their NEXT generation of vehicles that will buoy them through until then.

But Lord Almighty, these designs are rough. And honestly, do they really think we’re going to be driving on roads in 100 years? What about all this fantastic flying car talk? Maybe the wings are hidden…

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Rolls-Royce 2

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Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce 4 Rolls-Royce 3

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