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Parking Mom’s Porsche Cayenne Too Hard After Hit and Run

Clearly, this inexperienced driver has no clue how to truly drive, and his mom’s Porsche Cayenne is the one that suffers.

The cringeworthy scene unfolded in Vancouver, BC on June 16th. A teen whose mother was out of town took her white Porsche SUV out on the town for a joyride. Then he hit a parked car….oops!  So what does Junior do? He books it! He leaves

He books it! The youngster left the scene of the accident and took off for home. Why did he leave, you ask? Typically, driving a vehicle in traffic requires a driver’s license which this teen did not possess.

Now it really gets gnarly.

Junior wanted to hide the evidence, so he tried to park the lightly-damaged Porsche Cayenne in a garage. When you watch the video below, you’ll see he clearly has no place behind the steering wheel for a very, very, VERY long time.

The police caught wind of the video which clearly shows the license plate number. It wasn’t long until they found the teen and the evidence scattered all over the back lane and the garage floor. The police recognized the panic in the situation and let him off with traffic tickets instead of something more serious.

I guess the cops know the punishment from mom is going to trump whatever they do to him.

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