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VW Diesel Owners – Ready For Your Payout?

Do you have a vehicle involved in Volkswagen’s Dieselgate? If you do, it could be worth thousands to you. A settlement decision is nearing and a source close to the situation dropped the news- VW diesel owners could cash in big.

Settlements will vary depending on the vehicle’s age and condition as well as other factors, according to the source. What you’re really interested in, though, is that the settlements will range from $1,000 to $7,000 per vehicle. That’s just cash in your pocket — you get to keep the vehicle as well.

A resolution for the extreme pollution machines has already been approved on a bunch of models involved but has not yet been rolled out. That means your VW diesel vehicle will be fixed, you’ll have cash in hand, and you’ll still have your car!

Pretty good deal, if you ask me. VW, on the other hand, is bracing to pay out up to $10 billion dollars US in fines, penalties, and settlements. It’s a good time to own a Volkswagen!!

There’s also a buyback option, with details to be disclosed soon…

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