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Is The Aston Martin Hypercar Almost Here?

Late is better than never for the Aston Martin hypercar.

Sources say the long-awaited arrival of Aston Martin’s ultra-performance vehicle is less than two weeks away. It’s been kept hush-hush until now with just whispers and murmurings, but the British luxury car builder is nearing time to issue the release.

The potential release date for the AM-RB 001 is July 5th at the company headquarters in Gaydon, in Central England. It’s going to be stellar and it’s going to be limited in production — like less than the Ferrari LaFerrari. Expect only 99 to be built and sold at an ultra-premium price point of $3.4 million USD.

It’s also been reported that a very select group of individuals were given a sneak peek at the Monaco Grand Prix, but everyone has been tight-lipped.

The car itself is expected to be ultra-light – less than 1,000kg (2,205lbs). It’s supposed to have a better power to weight ratio than the Koenigsegg One:1 and be smaller than the acclaimed McLaren P1. Despite its likely ability to circle the track at the same pace as a Formula One car, the Aston Martin hypercar is going to be street-legal!

Aston Martin didn’t dream the car up on its own. Red Bull has had input into the car along the way, obviously intending to use the car for racing purposes in their camp. But who wouldn’t want to take it out for a rip?

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