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Larger EVs: There are More Than Just Cars for Your Electrified Fleet

quiero conocer gente por skype Compact and subcompact cars like the Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan LEAF, Toyota Prius, BMW i3, and Tesla Model 3 typically come to mind in the electrified conversation. After all, those are the most popular models for electric and hybrid cars right now. But the trend in the automotive market has been bigger vehicles – trucks and SUVs particularly. Everyone has taken notice, especially automakers, and you’re seeing a change in the market. New models coming out are larger and appeal to the general public, but also for fleet customers. When you need passenger or cargo space than a compact car allows

Garmin Speak Plus: Dashcam, and Amazon Alexa Together, But is It Good?

follow link If you’re a techno-geek whilst being a gearhead, then you probably already own a dashcam for your car. You probably also have a neat little feature known as Bluetooth for your car. Now there’s a new product on the market that wraps up a whole bunch of little tech features into one package. It’s the Garmin Speak Plus. If you’re anything like this post author, you’re a little skeptical at first. All these big names – Garmin, Amazon, Apple, Android – they all have their own agenda to push. Add a tiny little feature to a product and push it

Move Over Danica, Here Comes Amber Balcaen!!

The title of America’s Hottest Female Racecar Driver may have just changed hands. Welcome Amber Balcaen, NASCAR’s newest female driver.

Aside from her piercing blue eyes and her captivating smile, Amber is a sweetheart. She actively participates in the lives of youth, visiting sick kids in hospital and volunteering for KidSport Canada. It’s more than just a photo op for her (although we’d be fine if it was just for the cameras) – Amber’s  heart is to give back. She’s already started a sponsorship program for dirt track racing development and sees herself as a role model.

Just don’t get all Brittany Spears on us, Amber.

Watch for Amber Balcaen on the NASCAR circuit this year. She has just participated in her first NASCAR-sanctioned event in April and loves to go fast! (Don’t get any ideas, guys)

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