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Honda Calls it Quits on Lackluster CR-Z

The verdict is in, and the news isn’t good for Honda’s compact little puddle-jumper. The CR-Z is officially getting the axe in North America.

It’s a throwback to the Honda CRX that ended production with the 1991 model year. The CRX was a car that was extremely popular back then for its sporty, unique design and its extreme customizability. the inexpensive compact car was highly desirable especially among youth and Honda targeted the same market with the CR-Z.

Unfortunately, Honda’s creative take on the CRX just didn’t take off. Even with special editions that included a supercharged model from the Honda Performance Development team, the CR-Z was just never destined for success in North America. Sales numbers peaked in 2011 at a measly 11,330 units, and dropped to a puny 970 so far this year.

Japan already waved the white flag on the CR-Z last month with the Alpha Final Label Special Edition. While the iconic Japanese carmaker already has successful models like the Civic and CR-V, expect that something new is under development. Maybe something to compete with the Kia Stinger? They are innovators, remember? Just look at the 2017 Acura NSX…

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