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Chris Evans Quits Top Gear, Who Should Be New Host?

If you’re fond of the chippy little ginger, you’re not going to be happy with this. Chris Evans, the new frontman for Top Gear UK, has packed it in after just one season.

The problem, it seems, is Chris. His bigger than life ego and bullish demeanor led to his quick exit. It’s no secret there’s been fighting on the set, though not the kind of fighting we saw with the previous Top Gear hosts, right Jeremy Clarkson?

The clashes got so extreme that the laid-back Matt LeBlanc gave the ultimatum – either Chris Evans goes or he goes. Frankly, we’re glad that Chris is gone and not Matt. Matt actually knows something about cars. More than something. He knows a whole lot about cars.

Why BBC thought Chris Evans was a good choice in the first place is confusing at best and bass ackwards if we’re calling it like we see it. Why put a radio host on a car show? It makes no sense…

Well, folks, the situation now begs a few questions:

  • Who should be the next Top Gear host to replace Chris?
  • SHOULD there be a replacement host or should Matt LeBlanc take the reins?
  • …or should BBC just pack up Top Gear UK and bid it adieu?

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