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Liberty Walk Ferrari F430 Widebody – Love It or Hate It?

The Ferrari F430 has staked its place in Ferrari history based on its sleek, softened exterior. Unlike most aggressive and outlandish models the Italian carmaker builds, the F430 could be considered “business class”. Then Liberty Walk comes along…

And does something wild and preposterous to the Ferrari F430. The widebody masters know how to fit their product onto supercars, that’s clearly evident, and the F430 is no exception. The incredibly wide fender flares make space for a ridiculously wide wheel offset. The lowered stance gives the business-model Ferrari a killer position like a prowling cat.

Side sills give the appearance of an even lower car than it really is. The front and rear fascias remain untouched which keeps the F430 recognizable. The rear wing might be a little over the top, though. Is a stock car-style wing really the best choice for a classy supercar like this?

What are your thoughts? Do you love it or hate it?

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