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2017 Golf GTE Sport – The Future of Volkswagen?

Wondering how Volkswagen is going to dig themselves out of the manure pile? You might be able to rest a little easier once you’ve seen the 2017 Golf GTE Sport.

The Golf GTE Sport is unlike anything VW has built since…well, ever, actually. It’s bold, it’s unique, and it’s efficient — actually. The Golf GTE Sport is a plug-in hybrid, demonstrating Volkswagen’s commitment to green technology. You know the commitment — 30 new alternative-fuelled vehicles by 2025.

Check out the doors – not quite gullwing, not quite Lambo. They integrate a section forward of the door, it appears and the extremely high window beltline makes it quite sexy. Dual exhaust tips protruding from the rear bumper are a little out of place, though. It’s supposed to be ultra-efficient, isn’t it?

The Golf GTE is a two-seater and is a commitment to performance as well. It’s a turbo-charged engine and two electric motors powered by a plug-in power supply. It should go like stink, though maybe not quite like other supercar hybrids like the Acura NSX or the LaFerrari Aperta.

What do you think of the 2017 VW Golf GTE Comcept? It’s due to be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show this year. Should Vee-Dub build this car?

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