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Video: Chrome Murcielago Spins Out, Hits Guardrail

A good set of tires really makes all the difference when you’re driving in the rain. This chromed-out Lamborghini Murcielago finds out the hard way…

In a pavement ballet, the Murcielago gets top marks for a perfect pirouette. The car recording the mishap on its dashcam is in perfect position to capture the unfortunate event as the Lambo spins out across the lane in front of it. The ballet must be a tragedy, however, because the ending is the death of an Italian.

Excess speed was obviously a factor. You can see on the dashcam video the speed of travel was 92 km/h (55mph) when the Murcielago overtook the car quite quickly. With road conditions as wet as they were, the Lambo should have been going much, much slower.

The chrome Murcielago is going to need extensive repairs as virtually every panel (except the roof) hit the guardrail in the spin. At least it didn’t start on fire like an Aventador

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