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Santa Cruz Still Coming, Just Wait a Little Longer

If you’ve been patiently waiting for Hyundai’s mini-sized pickup truck based on the Santa Cruz concept, you’re not out of luck…but you’re going to need a little more patience.

Originally, Hyundai had let it slip that the Santa Cruz could be entering production soon. As with most carmakers, they wouldn’t give any specifics but an imminent announcement wasn’t denied. That’s as good as saying it’s coming down the pipe.

More recently, Australian mag Car Advice reports that Hyundai Motor America may have changed their plans. Instead of seeing the Santa Cruz in the next year or two, the indications are we probably won’t see it until 2020…or later.

While the good news is that the project hasn’t been scrapped, it means we’ve got slim pickings in the market otherwise. You can opt for the Honda Ridgeline or the Toyota Tacoma, or even the Nissan Frontier, but a compact pickup in the Santa Cruz style could make serious waves.

What do you think? Should Hyundai push production of a compact pickup to the forefront? Or should everyone look for a monster full-size pickup like the Velociraptor?

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