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Could This Be the 2019 Dodge Barracuda?

If you listen closely, you can hear it. The murmurings have started once again, and they’re getting louder. And if the rumors are true, we’re only two years away from the all new Dodge Barracuda.

It’s been decades since we last saw the Barracuda, though at that time it was under the Plymouth banner. In fact, it is the first pony car, produced two weeks before the Ford Mustang. Its original production run was from 1964 through 1974. And then it disappeared.

The original Barracuda had more engine options than paint colors over its 11-year run. From slant-six engines to V8 short blocks, HEMIs and big block V8s, you could choose the iconic car in any horsepower setup you wished. Oh, and the famous green paint job… what a car.

The new Barracuda probably won’t share much of the old design at all. It may never get the HEMI engine option, and it probably won’t resemble the classic variant much either. It’s reported to be a two-door coupe, slightly smaller than the Challenger.

As for engines, you should expect a twin-turbo V6 to make an appearance under the hood. It’s the new era of muscle and that means it has to be efficient as well as powerful. With twin spools force-feeding air into the V6, you can expect horsepower to exceed the current HEMI’s production, but probably nowhere close to Hellcat standards.

There’s been rumor as well that concept parts have been in production already. For all we know, there could be a completed concept ready for an unveiling, but Fiat Chrysler is remaining pretty stingy on details.

Could this be the new look of the Barracuda under the Dodge umbrella? What do you think of the design? Give us your thoughts!

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