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500th LaFerrari to be Auctioned Off for Good Cause

Ferrari promised — vowed, even — that only 499 LaFerrari hypercars would ever be built. Their exclusivity is precisely why they are held in such high regard. Well, that and their incredibly wild performance abilities. But now, Ferrari is breaking their very own promise. They’ve declared that one more LaFerrari will be built to benefit a good cause.

The 500th Ferrari LaFerrari will be auctioned off at a time and place yet to be determined. The proceeds of the sale have been promised to benefit the victims of Italy’s recent earthquake. The announcement came from FCA’s big boss, Sergio Marchionne, in Maranello. The news came at the same time as a summit between Italian and German governments.

Obviously, more details will be released in the coming weeks because the car is not yet built. Is it just a publicity stunt before the LaFerrari Spider hits the market? Or is it to steal the limelight for Fiat Chrysler as Marchionne is so prone to doing? Whatever the reason, the Italians who benefit from the auction proceeds will be thankful for the help.

The Ferrari LaFerrari has 949 horsepower and a blistering acceleration from 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds. Top speed is 217 miles per hour.

Its original selling price is $1.2 million, however examples have sold for upwards of $5 million second-hand. Expect the auction to net well above that.


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